The Girl Who Hurt Too Much

Henry Bramble became too ambitious for a first-time feature, so I came up with a new slightly less ambitious but hopefully moving short that not only complimented my development slate but could be expanded into a feature. What evolved is a dark but beautiful period drama inspired by Whistle Down The Wind, Stand By Me and The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas.   [More]

HB VFX Guerilla Style!

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

The Henry Bramble short is finally on the move. With the original vfx project files being updated and fixed by the talented vfx artist James Mason, we can finally wipe the slate clean. This time though, we're going guerrilla style! Many artists have generously offered to work for a no/low fee, so rather than talking up too much of their valuable time, the outstanding work will be divided up into small manageable chunks.   [More]


20th Anniversary Re-master!

To celebrate its 20th anniversary Delfilm will be completing the remastered redux edition of the acclaimed 1996 student short Black Out, presented in full 16:9 HD. Despite causing a serious dispute among University staff, this is still one of my most popular shorts to date. Selected to play at the British Short Film Festival, it was also responsible for getting me into the National Film & Television School.   [More]